[Blog] You in Wonderland NIMON KYOTO

The cover of NIMON’s notebook has been renewed.

Titled “You in Wonderland NIMON KYOTO”.

NIMON1-KAI room is a tiger cover.
NIMON2-HANE room is a reindeer cover.

There is a phrase “truth is stranger than fiction.”

Why don’t you share a little of your wonderland?

Why are you in Kyoto?
What experience did you have in Kyoto.
What did you lead here?
Impression of NIMON
etc.etc……Anyway, Anything is OK!

Let’s make a unique novel with people who stayed in NIMON.


[Blog] Fantastic scenery seen on a rainy day

Today, we deliver the wind of the ancient capital from Kyoto.
The Typhoon has passed, but the weather is not so good yet.
Yesterday’s weather forecast was cloudy today, but it rained in the morning.
A customer from Tokyo asked us yesterday,” how is the weather in Kyoto today?” According to the weather forcast, it’s cloudy. It not rain.” it’s been a lie that I said it.
We are very sorry.
This rain was temporary though.
Rain during the trip.
It is not happy…
However, rain shows us a unique landscape of Kyoto.
The photo is in Arashiyama.
After the rain, the ship is slowly visible from mist.
This landscape that can be said “fantasy”.
It feels like having a time trip.
Also, after the rain, a rainbow and a moist moss garden are beautiful.
Don’t shuts yourself in the room even on a rainy day, please go out.
You may meet a special moment when it rains.
We are looking forward to seeing you with all of the nimon kyoto staff.
※ I am terribly sorry that my English expressions are clumsy.
※ Photographer: Nimon’s staff, in April