[Event] Jidai Matsuri Festival

In autumn, the pageantry of this large festival unfurls across Kyoto’s main thoroughfare. The festival procession begins with historical figures from the turbulent Bakumatsu period (a period from 1853-1867: the end of Edo Period) with neatly marching Imperialist troops playing flutes and drums. Following these come a parade of colorfully costumed figures from different epochs: Edo (1603-1868), Azuchi Momoyama (1568-1600), Muromachi (1336-1573), Yoshino (1336-1392), Kamakura (1185-1333), Fujiwara (898-1185), and Enryaku (782-806). All come together to encompass Jidai Matsuri, one of Kyoto’s three largest festivals.

Over the course of two hours, the festival procession will cover 2 kilometers with a parade of 2,000 members (including 75 horses and oxen, 3 carriages, an oxcart and sacred carriages), a real-life illustrated scroll of Kyoto’s rich history. Audiences will be delighted by the brilliant display of Japanese history unfolding before their eyes, as they travel back in time without moving from their seats.
Reserved seating (for a fee) at Kyoto Imperial Palace, Oike-dori Street, and along Heian Jingu-michi Street is recommended for the best view of the procession. Reserved seating with English guidance (for a fee) is also available exclusively on Oike-dori Street.

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[Event] International Art Fair [artKYOTO]

artKYOTO is the brand-new premium show case for fine art, antique and technical art, held in Kyoto, the Millennium City which has spread cultural attraction for more than 1000 years.

The fresh starting edition of artKYOTO will feature 40 well-established galleries to provide significant value.

Mr Doodle Live performancein ArtFair Tokyo 2019 AFT2019 Photo by office TKD

31 Japanese and international galleries that are leaders of the global art scene will present a remarkable range of works.


Public View September 7[Sat], 8[Sun], 9[Mon] 2019


September 7[Sat] 11:00-20:00
September 8[Sun] 11:00-20:00
September 9[Mon] 11:00-16:00


[General Admission]
Advance ticket:2,500yen、Ticket:3,000yen
[Student Discount]
Advance ticket:1,500yen、Ticket:2,000yen*Entrance Fee to Nijo-jo Castle is not included.
*Children below elementary school are free (They must be accompanied by adults)
*Student Discount Ticket is valid only for September 9[Mon].


Former Imperial Villa NIJO-JO CastleNinomaru Goten Daidokoro (Daidokoro Kitchen), Okiyodokoro (Okiyodokoro Kitchen), Tonan Sumiyagura (Southeast Watchtower)541, Nijojo-cho, Nijo-dori Horikawa Nishi iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Official Website: https://artkyoto.jp/

[Event] Gozan no Okuribi

There is a special event Gozan no Okuribi (Mountain Bonfire) on 16 August in Kyoto. You can see one mountain from the NIMON 2 HANE’s 3rd floors window.  It can also be seen from along the Kamogawa River. Go from Nimon to Kamogawa and walk toward to north along the river. Around Demachiyanagi, there are many people and it is a vewing spot.


This Gozan Okuribi is one of the most important events in Kyoto. It is held on 16th of August. They light up bonfires on 5 mountain surrounding Kyoto city. They light up lines of torches arranged in the shape of Kanji characters up on the mountains to make them appeal into the distance. The purpose of this event is to send out spirits of deceased to celebrate the end of summer. This time of the year is called Obon season in Japan. Gozan stands for 5 mountains and Okuribi means ” Sending out spirits in the form of bonfire “.

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