[Reveiw] Recommended ramen place

We had a lovely review!  Please read this.

Ichichan Ramen is probably here.


It seems to be Jamaican ramen where you can hear reggae. I did not know what is. It is about 3 minutes walk from NIMON. I will go there someday. But if you also are interested in it, enjoy! ♡

[Review] November 2019

The accommodation of Nimon not only is very charming, well equipped, very calm, a small hoof bath but deep to relax after the discovery day of Kyoto, in addition it is immaculately located in the city.

The metro station is a 5-minute walk & we had the pleasure of meeting & renting electric bikes within two minutes walk.

For 2 days we traveled the city discovering its temples, gardens & different neighborhoods. Raku-Chari Bike Rental …

Every night we were delighted to go back to Nimon & enjoy the very zen place … I recommend it warmly.

-by Google translate-

We communicated in English, but the review was in their native language French. Thank you very much! We look forward to seeing you again ♥